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Experience peace of mind with our reliable packaging solutions in Melbourne. From Custom Crates to Container Packing Services, we take care of your industrial packing requirements so you can concentrate on your business.

Efficient Industrial Packaging Solutions

In the world of shipping, ensuring the safe and efficient transportation of goods is paramount for businesses. Proper packaging not only minimises the risk of damage and deterioration but also safeguards revenue and customer trust. For businesses dealing with fragile, bulky, high-quantity, or special items, effective packaging solutions are indispensable.

Crate n Pack Solutions is your trusted partner in providing reliable onsite packing services and supplies, offering tailored solutions to meet your unique needs in both local and international markets.

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wooden shipping crate and forklift

Lets Unpack This A Little Further

Here at Crate n Pack Solutions, we understand no two packing jobs are the same which is why we offer a professional, on-site packing service. The on-site packing requirements of each client can vary significantly. For instance, some clients may require assistance in securely strapping and bracing their already plastic-wrapped fragile equipment inside a sea container containing other goods. Others may have numerous smaller wooden crates and boxes that need to be safely stacked and packed into the shipping container to maximize both space and security.

Who Do We support?

Aviation Industry

Mining, Oil + Gas Industry

Manufacturing Industry

Solar Power Indusrty

Engineering Industry

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Snapshot of how we have helped our customer

Recently, a business reached out to Crate n Pack Solutions via our website, seeking a quote for the same pallet they had been using in Melbourne for many years. Upon inviting them for an on-site meeting to assess their needs and the products they transport, we swiftly determined that they didn't require such a heavy-duty pallet. By suggesting a change in the type of timber used, we uncovered significant cost-saving opportunities for them.

Moreover, during our consultation, it became evident that they often faced last-minute requests from their own customers, resulting in challenges meeting deadlines. To address this issue, we implemented a solution by holding stock for them, ensuring they never experience setbacks with last-minute orders again. As a result, they have saved over $400,000 annually.

This proactive approach not only delighted our new customer but also improved delivery times for their clients. By understanding the unique needs and operational preferences of each business we serve, we tailor our offerings to provide the best possible support.

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Industrial Packaging Products, Services + Solutions

A few examples of our Timber Packaging

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From custom crates and timber bases to onsite packing, our extensive range of products and services promises a perfect timber packaging solution for every operation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We offer a wide range of wooden crates, including shipping crates, packing crates, storage crates, and custom crates to meet your specific needs. All crates are available either flat packed or fully assembled for your convenience.

Yes, our wooden crates are designed to meet the requirements of both local and international shipping, ensuring the safe and secure transportation of your goods.

Yes, we can custom-build wooden crates to any dimensions, ensuring a perfect fit for your items and maximum efficiency during shipping.

We offer wooden crates in a variety of sizes to suit your needs, from small packing crates to large shipping crates.

Yes, we can accommodate bulk orders for wooden crates, ensuring that you have an ample supply for your shipping and storage needs.

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Looking for wooden crates for sale? Look no further than Crate n Pack Solutions. We offer a wide range of wooden crates, including shipping crates, export crates, and packing crates, all custom-built to your specifications. With fast delivery times and exceptional customer service, Crate n Pack Solutions is your go-to supplier for wooden crates in Melbourne.

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