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On-site Packing We bring our expertise to you.

Crate n Pack On-site Packing Service is available across Melbourne & throughout Victoria. We bring our industrial packing expertise to you at your site.

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Industrial Packing Services On-site packing, at your business site or location.

At Crate n Pack Solutions, we understand the importance of getting your goods to their destination safely. That is why we take the hassle of packing industrial items and offer an onsite Crate N Pack Service. We pack, we crate, we secure, and we load... at your site. 

Our on-site packing + crating service is the perfect solution for business wanting to relocate and type of heavy machinery, oversized items, fragile freight, ESD devices and items of irregular shapes and size. We are here to ensure that everything is transported in the safest way possible, you can trust us to take care of your precious cargo every step of the way. Our custom crates are designed and built according to your exact requirements and specifications. Not only that, but we also have no weight or size limitations - so whatever you need to move, we can handle it.

So, if you have a heavy machine to transport, oversized goods to move, or fragile freight you need to get from point A to point B, our expert team at Crate n Pack Solutions are here to help. 

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  • On-site Packing Service

  • Machine + Equipment Export

  • Container Loading

  • Shrink Wrapping

On-site Packing Services Safe and Secure Packing Solutions

Are you faced with the challenges of transporting heavy, awkward or oversized goods? Look no further than our on-site crating and packing services at Crate n Pack Solutions.

Our efficient on-site crating and packing service is ideal for businesses wanting to transport oversized and overweight goods. You can rely on our experienced team to ensure the safe and secure transportation of your goods, giving you peace of mind throughout the entire process.

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Machinery & Container Packing Export Project Management

We have a team of highly experienced crating and packing professionals who will visit your site to assess your packaging requirements. We offer a comprehensive service that includes packing your goods into shipping containers and building customised wooden crates for both local and export markets.

As experts in industrial packaging, we work closely with you to identify any sensitive points of your shipment and ensure that every aspect of the job is covered and protected. We also provide machinery export project management services, which include on-site and in-house packing, VCI protection, and container packing.


Freight Services Export your goods today

Are you faced with the challenges of transporting heavy, awkward or oversized goods? We offer a number of freight solutions for various modes of delivery and destinations. Our efficient freighting solutions offer you a hassle-free freight option by using Crate N Pack Solutions to pack, crate and freight your goods.

You can rely on our team to get your machines moving with cranes, side loaders, shipping vessels or planes. With our complete service, we ensure the safe and secure transportation of your goods, giving you peace of mind throughout the entire process.

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VCI film and pallet base

VCI Barrier Bags Ultimate Rust Prevention

VCI barrier bags and foil are advanced packaging solutions that provide superior protection to metal parts, machinery, and sensitive equipment during storage and transit. These bags and foil are made of high-quality plastic and infused with rust-preventing VCI compounds that form a protective layer on the surface of metal parts, preventing corrosion caused by moisture, dust, and other contaminants.

At Crate n Pack Solutions, we offer industrial quality VCI packaging solutions, with an extensive range of VCI options. Our anti-corrosion barrier bags are meticulously designed to offer unmatched rust protection for your high-value machinery and equipment items. Our triple-layer VCI film provides enhanced corrosion protection, making it suitable for various industrial applications.  With our complete service, we ensure the safe and secure transportation of your goods, giving you peace of mind throughout the entire process.

Shrink Wrapping Service

Crate n Pack Solutions is a leading provider of industrial shrink wrap service in Melbourne. Our industrial shrink-wrapping service is perfect anything that requires protection from the elements during transit. Our team of experts has the expertise to shrink-wrap any shape or size object to the highest standard.

We offer superior wrap service, you can count on reliability, fast service turnaround, deep industry expertise, and cost-effective pricing. Our range of shrink wrap services includes shrink-wrapping for industrial, commercial, marine applications. 

Contact us today on (03) 8758 1696 to find out how we can protect your products.

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Discover how our on-site services and timber packaging solutions can simplify your logistics and give you peace of mind.

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  • Shrink Wrapping

Join us in redefining excellence in the world of shipping and packaging.

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Common Questions

If you can't find what your looking for, contact our sales team on (03) 8759 1696 for Free Consultation, Assessment & Design

What makes Crate n Pack Solutions different from other packing companies?

Crate n Pack Solutions merges traditional expertise with modern, innovative packing methods. Our unique blend ensures unparalleled protection for your goods, setting us apart as industry leaders. We prioritise excellence in every shipment.

Do you offer specialised packing for fragile items?

Of course! At Crate n Pack Solutions, we excel in handling and packing fragile items. With a combination of state-of-the-art materials and seasoned professionals, your delicate goods are assured of utmost protection during transport and delivery.

How do Crate n Pack Solutions ensure the safety of my items during transit?

Safety is our hallmark. Using advanced packing techniques and high-quality materials, we ensure all items remain secure. Regular training keeps our team updated on best practices, guaranteeing your goods are in the safest hands throughout transit.

Can I trust Crate n Pack Solutions for international shipping?

Our expertise isn’t confined to local shipments. With Crate n Pack Solutions, global shipping is streamlined. We adhere to international standards, ensuring your items reach any corner of the globe in pristine condition.

What is the cost of using Crate n Pack Solutions' services?

Value is at the heart of our offerings. While costs vary based on specifics, we guarantee competitive pricing without compromising on service quality. Contact us directly for a tailored quote that suits your unique needs.


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At Crate n Pack Solutions, we understand that moving heavy and oversized goods can be a challenging task. Thats why we are here, to provide you with the assistance you need to make your project smooth and stress free. Don' hesitate to reach out to us for any assistance you need. We are here to offer you solutions. 


Whether you have questions about our timber shipping crates or need guidance on selecting the right timber packaging solution for your specific needs, our team is ready to help.


For timber packaging products, services and solutions, give Crate N Pack Solutions a call today. Experience the convenience that comes with choosing Crate N Pack Solutions.

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