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Need a machine secured and packed onto a shipping container? Do you have multiple machines and parts that need to be safely loaded and containerised for export?

We specialise in securely loading and packing high-value, heavy and fragile goods into export containers to prevent transit damage and maximise your volume for export. Give us a call on (03) 8759 1696 and find out more today.

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Machine + Container Packing Services we bring our expertise to you

Based in Dandenong South, Crate n Pack Solutions' dedicated on-site packing crew bring their expertise direct to your site, ready to get your heavy machines and equipment loaded securely and on time, ready for shipment.

Whether its 1 or 100 containers needing to be filled, we are the on-site machine and container packing team for you. We have extensive experience in all forms of export packing, we’re not only mindful of how to maximise the space on your flat rack and 40-footers, but more importantly, how to secure them and protect them whilst in transit.

Get in touch with us, so we can take care of your machine & container packing needs. 

Export Container Packing Solutions Mobile Packing Services

At Crate n Pack Solutions, we recognise the significance of global commerce and the essential role that export container packing plays within it.

Our specialised export container packing services are not just about placing items in a box; they are about ensuring each product, irrespective of its fragility or size, is secured for safe shipping & transit.

We prioritise the use of premium-quality materials, strict adherence to export shipping standards, and meticulous strategies to ensure your goods arrive at international destinations in optimal condition.

Machine & Equipment Packing Leave the heavy work to us!

In Melbourne's bustling trade environment, Crate n Pack Solutions stands out as a beacon of trust and excellence for container packing services.

Our experience & understanding of Melbourne's distinctive industry dynamics allows us to provide tailored machine & container packing solutions for businesses across the region.

Renowned for our reliability, precision, and unmatched expertise, we take pride in preparing every consignment to face the global market confidently, ensuring your shipments always make a positive impression.

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Machine Crating Services Bring your cargo to us

Our in-house crating service sets the standard for excellence. Bring your goods to Crate n Pack Solutions, and we'll expertly pack and crate your cargo on our premises. Once your goods are in our hands, our staff has access to all the materials necessary to safely crate and pack your cargo, ensuring its security during transit.

We treat your valued goods with the utmost care, providing them with the 5-star treatment that only we can deliver. With several forklifts at our disposal, including the largest one weighing 16 tons, there's virtually nothing we can't handle with ease, whether it's done in-house or on-site. Trust Crate n Pack Solutions for expert crating services that prioritise the safety and security of your cargo.

Shrink Wrap Service Extra Protect For Your Cargo

At Crate n Pack, we excel in providing shrink-wrapping and sealing solutions tailored to protect your goods from environmental elements and transportation hazards. Shrink-wrapping serves as a reliable shield against water damage, dust, moisture, and corrosion, ensuring your items reach their destination in pristine condition.

Our team possesses extensive expertise in shrink-wrapping techniques, enabling us to proficiently wrap objects of any shape or size to meet the highest standards of quality and durability. Trust Crate n Pack for superior shrink-wrapping services that prioritise the safety and security of your cargo during transit.

Container Packing Service Seaworthy Loading + Lashing

We specialise in a comprehensive array of container packing services designed to ensure the safe and secure transportation of your cargo to its destination. Our services encompass everything from meticulous packing and crating to precise loading, lashing, and bracing, guaranteeing that your goods are well-protected throughout the journey.

Whether you prefer our expert services at your site or location, or you choose to bring your cargo to us, our team at Dandenong South is fully equipped to pack shipping containers in-house, ensuring utmost convenience and efficiency for our clients. Trust Crate n Pack Solutions for professional container packing services that prioritise the safety and security of your cargo.

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We understand no two items have the same specifications which is why we have unique skills, industry knowledge and the right team of professionals experienced in crating high value items.

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From custom crates and timber bases to onsite packing, our extensive range of products and services promises a perfect timber packaging solution for every operation.

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We offer a wide range of wooden crates, including shipping crates, packing crates, storage crates, and custom crates to meet your specific needs. All crates are available either flat packed or fully assembled for your convenience.

Yes, our wooden crates are designed to meet the requirements of both local and international shipping, ensuring the safe and secure transportation of your goods.

Yes, we can custom-build wooden crates to any dimensions, ensuring a perfect fit for your items and maximum efficiency during shipping.

We offer wooden crates in a variety of sizes to suit your needs, from small packing crates to large shipping crates.

Yes, we can accommodate bulk orders for wooden crates, ensuring that you have an ample supply for your shipping and storage needs.

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Looking for wooden crates for sale? Look no further than Crate n Pack Solutions. We offer a wide range of wooden crates, including shipping crates, export crates, and packing crates, all custom-built to your specifications. With fast delivery times and exceptional customer service, Crate n Pack Solutions is your go-to supplier for wooden crates in Melbourne.

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