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Our timber shipping cases are the perfect packaging solutions for heavy, high value and fragile goods. At Crate n Pack Solutions, we manufacture a wide range of shipping crates built to any dimensions and designed specifically to protect equipment from the elements.
Whatever item you need to send, Crate n Pack Solutions can provide you with the perfect timber packaging solution to keep your item safe & secure in transit.

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Durable Timber Shipping Crates Secure Your Cargo with Crate n Pack Solutions!

At Crate n Pack Solutions, we pride ourselves on offering affordable timber packaging products, services, and solutions tailored to meet your individual business requirements.

Our timber shipping crates are compliant with all international export regulations and manufactured using heat treated + industry-grade materials to ensure optimal protection for heavy, valuable, and sensitive items. We understand the importance of reliable packaging in safeguarding your goods during transportation. That's why our crates are meticulously crafted to withstand the rigors of shipping, providing superior protection against impacts, vibrations, and environmental factors.

Whether you're transporting machinery, delicate electronics, or valuable artifacts, we have the perfect timber crate solution for you. Our extensive range of timber crates and cases caters to a variety of needs, ensuring the safety and security of your items during transit. From standard-sized crates to custom-designed cases, we offer solutions that fit your specific requirements seamlessly.

Whether you're in need of standard-sized shipping crates or custom-designed packaging solutions, Crate n Pack Solutions has you covered. Contact us today to discuss your packaging needs, and let us provide you with the perfect timber crate solution for your business.

Wooden Shipping Crates Export Your Cargo With Confidence

Our standard shipping crates are manufactured to industry standards, these crates provide exceptional protection for your valuable items during transit. Ideal for a variety of applications, our standard shipping crates offer peace of mind knowing your goods are secure every step of the way.

Trust Crate n Pack Solutions for top-quality standard shipping crates that meet your shipping requirements with ease.

Custom Shipping Crates Custom Solutions for Every Requirement

Need something more tailored to your specific needs? Our custom shipping crates are designed to fit your unique requirements. With options like timber bracing, partitions and more, we can design a shipping crate that perfectly fits your requirements.

Trust Crate n Pack Solutions for custom shipping crates that meet your requirements with ease.

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Heavy Duty Shipping Crates Export Your Heavy Cargo With Confidence

For heavy, bulky, or valuable items, our heavy-duty shipping crates provide the ultimate protection. Reinforced with extra support and built to withstand heavy loads, these crates are ideal for industrial machinery, equipment, and more.

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Timber Shipping Crate Features

wooden shipping crate

Sturdy & Durable

Timber Shipping Crates are constructed with an open slatted design. Crates are light weight compared to fully enclosed timber cases making timber shipping crates a perfect cost-effective shipping choice without compromising on structural integrity.


Our timber shipping crates can easily be customised to meet the requirements of your items ensuring a perfect fit and maximum efficiency during shipping.

Export Compliance

Crate N Pack Solutions is Accredited with AWPSC to provide you with all necessary stamps and certification to export timber packaging overseas. Our export shipping crates meet international export regulations ensuring compliance with export requirements.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, all our shipping crates are constructed to meet or exceed international shipping standards. We ensure that our crates are sturdy enough to withstand the rigors of transportation, including handling, stacking, and loading onto various modes of transport.

Yes, absolutely! We understand that every shipment is unique, which is why we offer custom crate sizes tailored to your specific requirements. Whether you have oversized items or need crates to fit into tight spaces, we can create a crate that fits perfectly.

With a general lead time of 2-5 days, the production time for custom shipping crates depends on factors such as size, complexity, and quantity. Generally, we aim to complete orders in a timely manner while ensuring the highest quality standards. We'll provide you with an estimated timeline once we understand your specific requirements.

Yes, Crate n Pack Solutions offers onsite packing services utilising timber bases. Our experienced team can visit your location to assess your packaging needs and provide tailored solutions using timber bases and other materials as required.

Crate n Pack Solutions stands out in the timber packaging industry due to our commitment to quality, customisation, and customer satisfaction. With our extensive industry expertise, state-of-the-art facilities, and dedication to excellence, we deliver premium timber bases and packaging solutions that exceed expectations.

In Melbourne, we offer a comprehensive range of packaging solutions to meet your industrial packaging needs. Our offerings include timber bases, shipping crates, custom pallets, and onsite packing services. These solutions are designed to ensure the safe and secure transportation of your goods, whether locally or for export.

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Looking for wooden crates for sale? Look no further than Crate n Pack Solutions. We offer a wide range of wooden crates, including shipping crates, export crates, and packing crates, all custom-built to your specifications. With fast delivery times and exceptional customer service, Crate n Pack Solutions is your go-to supplier for wooden crates in Melbourne.

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