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How to Find Crating Companies to Help With On-Site Packing and Custom Crating Services?

Need professional crating services? Do you need to ship a package that is either very large or very fragile to reach its destination without any problems? It would be best to look for a reliable crating service that can meet all your needs.

Finding the right crating business and why you need them are topics we'll discuss here. 

What Are Crating Services?

The term "crating services" refers to the provision of expert assistance in developing, designing, and building crates or other wooden containers for packaging, protecting, and shipping goods. These services are often called upon when transporting, storing, or relocating a particularly valuable, fragile, or large item.

Companies that work with crates focus on tailoring their services to each client. The objects' dimensions, shape, weight, and fragility are all taken into account when designing the containers. Wood, plywood, and even metal are common materials for crates, but this might vary based on the goods being shipped and the chosen method of transport.

Why Do You Choose A Professional Crating Company?

There are several reasons why hiring a professional crating service is the best option for any business or individual. You can trust your valuables in the hands of these companies because they are experts at creating custom packaging solutions. We'll explore the many convincing arguments in favour of hiring a professional crating responsibility to handle your packing and shipping needs.


It can be difficult and time-consuming for individuals and small businesses to acquire, assemble, and ship a crate independently, especially if they are unfamiliar with the ins and outs of shipping logistics.

It is difficult to know what size container to use, what packing materials to buy, and how to handle the paperwork to ship a given item. 

Companies that specialise in crating offer solutions to these issues by providing on-demand crating services, which may include packaging, pickup, and shipping. It is sensible and efficient to hire a crating business to handle the transportation of your valuables because you won't have to worry about them and can instead focus on other important tasks.

Item Protection

Hiring a crating company to handle the shipping of your valuables gives you peace of mind that they will arrive at their destination in one piece.

The risk of moisture damage increases when shipping by air or sea, so it's important to work with a crating business that provides comprehensive services, including foil bags and vapour barrier packaging.

Protect your belongings from the harsh elements of air or sea transit with these extra layers of protection. The foam inside the packing serves as a vital shock absorber, providing extra padding to soften the blow of any turbulence or handling that may occur while an item is in transit. Taking such careful precautions will ensure your precious belongings remain undamaged throughout the trip.

Expertise In Custom Crating

A crating company's unrivalled expertise in bespoke crating is a major perk of working with them. These experts deeply understand a wide range of materials and the nuances of packing a wide variety of goods.

Because of their expert training and understanding, they can make custom-fit crates for your specific items.

This individualised strategy offers the highest level of security possible throughout transit. Their knowledge goes far beyond building boxes, as they also have a deep awareness of the unique needs of each object based on its size, shape, and fragility. So, employing the services of a crating business will guarantee that your assets will be packaged with the utmost precision and care.


A custom crate is important when shipping an item with unusual dimensions or a nonstandard shape. These custom containers prove invaluable in the case of sculptures, irreplaceable antiques, or valuable furniture.

Crates designed specifically for your item are more likely to survive the voyage because of their greater strength and careful engineering.

Reputable crating businesses don't just make custom crates but also custom pallets and skids to suit their client's needs. These specialised supports improve safety and make it easier to load and unload cargo from vehicles. This guarantees that your precious goods are handled with the highest care and efficiency at every stage of the transportation process.

Cost-Effective Solutions

Although custom crating services may seem pricey initially, they typically save their clients money in the long run. These custom crates provide an impenetrable barrier against the costly damage that can occur during shipping.

Taking preventative measures like these can save a lot of money in the long run by lowering the frequency with which repairs or replacements are required. 

Furthermore, choosing custom crating can result in lower insurance premiums due to the reduced risk of claims from shipping-related catastrophes. Investing in bespoke crating services is a good idea because they provide not only piece of mind but also real financial benefits by keeping your valuables safe.

Ensures Safety And Security

Hiring a professional crating service is a preventative precaution you can take to safeguard your valuables during shipping. These businesses manufacture boxes with meticulous attention to detail and high-quality materials for optimal security. This will protect your belongings from the effects of vibrations, shocks, and changes in temperature and humidity. 

Taking such a thorough approach greatly reduces the likelihood of breaking or damage during transport. It is wise to seek professional assistance when it comes to protecting your prized things and entrusting them to a crating company not only provides peace of mind but also emphasises the commitment to preserving the integrity and worth of the objects.

Crating Services You Should Hire

Consider all aspects of your crate's journey from origin to destination before deciding on a crating firm to meet your crating needs. For instance, warehouses that keep bulky or fragile commodities can profit from having packing done there.

A crating business that specialises in carrying fragile parcels is what you need if you want to ship a costly item you purchased at auction. A reputable crating firm should provide the following services:

Custom Crating Services

Finding a company that offers custom crating services should be a top priority. For fragile or expensive objects that defy common methods of packaging, a custom crate should be your first and foremost decision.

Custom containers are made to order and designed specifically for the fragile antiques, high-tech equipment, or valuable artwork you need to ship.

This method's custom fit and superior protection ensure safe transit under any circumstance. You may rest easy knowing that your precious belongings will arrive at their destination uninjured and pristine, thanks to the custom crating services you opted for.

On-Site Packing

When moving heavy or fragile objects, having someone pack them on-site is a huge time saver. Reputable crating businesses will send qualified specialists to your site to crate your fragile items with care.

This reduces the risk of your belongings being damaged in transit and saves you the trouble of having to move them to a different location. On-site packing is more convenient and improves the effectiveness of the shipping or storage venture as a whole, giving you peace of mind while you focus on other aspects of the process.

International Shipping Crates

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Picking a crating firm that is well-versed in international shipping legislation and criteria is important. Companies like this have a deep awareness of the complex network of international shipping standards and the shifting requirements for customs paperwork and wood packaging. 

This knowledge is a vital cog in the wheel, ensuring the smooth passage of your shipment over international borders.

When you hire a crating service that is well-versed in global logistics and compliance, you can rest assured that your shipments will be packaged and shipped in accordance with all relevant regulations, thereby reducing the likelihood of any delays or complications and facilitating a more pleasant and less stressful transit experience.

Commercial And Industrial Crating

Industrial and commercial crating services are necessary for businesses attempting to transport bulky machinery, industrial equipment, or important components. Having your industrial equipment crated in a way that can resist the arduous challenges of long-distance transportation and strong handling is only possible with the help of highly specialised services designed to satisfy the specific needs of such large goods. 

Industrial and commercial crating services are a reliable way to protect your valuables during transport by erecting a sturdy barrier around them using accuracy and engineering expertise. This preventative measure guarantees that your machinery and equipment will reach its final destination without damage, in top operating condition, and ready for deployment, cutting down on unnecessary downtime and interruptions to your operations.

Ocean Container Loading

Long-distance shipping relies on ocean containers, which are the industry's workhorses because of their sturdy steel construction and corrugated walls and floors.

It would be best if you gave preference to a crating service that has experience loading and unloading crates safely into and from such massive containers when making your choice.

Immobilising and safeguarding your cargo from the rigours of an ocean voyage requires skilled blocking, strapping, and bracing procedures. 

A reputable crating firm will have the essential DUNNAGE stamp, proving their mastery of this crucial part of shipping. Make sure the crating business you hire has the experience and resources to handle your shipment carefully and expertly before entrusting them with your valuables.

Secure Warehousing And Storage

There are crating services that go above and beyond the typical packaging and shipping scope by providing safe and secure warehousing options. This can be a lifesaver when you need a secure location to store products before or after they are shipped.

Climate control systems are installed in these storage facilities to protect your items from extreme temperatures and other environmental hazards. 

To further prevent theft or unauthorised access, we deploy severe security methods, including surveillance and access controls, to monitor the premises and limit who can enter and leave with your belongings. Your needs for the safekeeping and administration of your items will be met in full by a crating firm that also provides for their secure storage and warehousing.

How To Choose The Best Crating Company

Knowing which of the many available crating firms best fits your requirements can be challenging. However, if you're a business owner, you know how important it is to have your products delivered on time and undamaged.

The crating company you use should know how critical it is to get your goods to clients without damage. You need a crating business dedicated to your shipment's safety if you're sending anything of commercial or sentimental significance.

So, how do you pick the best crating company? Before looking for a reliable crating provider, determine what services you need. Some things to think about are as follows.

Services Provided

When looking for a packing and crating service, it's important to first learn about their services. There are businesses that focus solely on transportation, while others provide a wide variety of packing, crating, and delivery options. You should know exactly what you need from a service provider and check that the one you choose can provide it.

The Type Of Crate

Choose a business that provides reused crates if you need to ship a lot of items yet are on a tight budget. The material of the crate should also be given some thought. Metal containers offer superior protection for your valuables, but they are expensive. Wooden crates have the best balance of affordability and durability.

Reliability And Price

When selecting a packaging and crating service, it's crucial to consider price and dependability. You shouldn't pick a provider entirely on pricing, but you shouldn't overpay for subpar assistance. Make sure you shop around by requesting quotations from other businesses and comparing their prices and offerings to find the best deal. Enquire about the company's history of punctual deliveries to ensure you're working with a dependable one who can fulfil your deadline needs.

The Company's Reputation

Find a shipping firm that would take extra precautions to protect your precious, fragile, or sensitive things during transit. Find a reliable crating service that has handled similar things before.

If you want a crate tailored to your requirements, the company you go with should provide a large selection of products that can be customised to meet your preferences. Check to see if there are any size restrictions on the crates you can select before making a purchase from a certain provider of crating services.

Shipping internationally necessitates the services of a business that specialises in the construction of durable shipping crates. The enterprise must adhere to ISPM 15 regulations to export wood internationally, as evidenced by the 'wheat stamp'.

Considerations For The Environment

Finally, consider how the company you hire to pack and crate will affect the environment. Try to find businesses that care about the environment and make an effort to employ sustainable methods. If you want to minimise your relocation's negative effects on the environment, hiring a green packing and crating service is a good first step.


For valuable, fragile, or large things to be moved safely and quickly, you need to use crating services. They involve making, designing, and building wooden cases that are used to package, protect, and ship goods. Companies that specialise in crating offer on-demand services like packing, pick-up, and shipping, so their clients can focus on other important tasks.

There are many good reasons to hire a professional crating company. It's easy to use, protects items, and has experts who know how to make unique crates. They can make crates that fit each item perfectly, giving it the best level of security while in transit. Custom crates are especially important for things like sculptures, antiques, or expensive furniture that aren't the same size or shape as most things.

Reliable crating companies also offer custom-made pallets and skids to meet their clients' needs. This makes the whole shipping process safer and more efficient. By working with a professional crating business, you can put your valuables in the hands of experts who can make custom packaging solutions.

Custom crating services are affordable and protect against damage that could happen during shipping. These services can make repairs and replacements happen less often, which can lower your insurance rates. They also make sure boxes are safe and secure by using high-quality materials and paying close attention to every detail when making them.

When picking a company to do your crating, think about the whole journey of the crate, from where it came from to where it will go. For example, buildings that store things that are big or easily broken could benefit from having packing done there. A reputable crating company should offer services like custom crating, packing on-site, foreign shipping crates, and commercial and industrial crating.

Custom crates are made to order and are made to fit fragile things, so they can be shipped safely. On-site packing saves time and makes the shipping or storage process go more smoothly. International shipping crates know a lot about global logistics and rules, which makes it easy for packages to cross countries.

Businesses that need to move heavy tools, industrial equipment, or important parts need industrial and commercial crating services. These services make sure that tools and equipment are safe and working well, which cuts down on downtime and other problems.

Loading goods into ocean containers is a very important part of long-distance shipping. It takes a lot of skill to move and protect the cargo. A good crating service should have the DUNNAGE stamp, which shows that they know what they are doing in this important area. They also offer safe choices for warehousing and storage, like climate control systems that keep things safe from extreme temperatures and other environmental hazards.

To choose the best crate business, think about the services they offer, the type of crate, how reliable they are and how much they cost, as well as the company's reputation and how they treat the environment. Trustworthy companies take extra steps to protect valuables during shipping and offer a wide range of boxes that can be customised. For international shipping, you need companies that know how to make strong shipping boxes and follow ISPM 15 rules.

Lastly, think about the company's effect on the earth. Make sure they use sustainable methods and keep the negative effects of moving as low as possible. Using green packing and crating services is a good way to start reducing the negative effects of moving. By knowing what you need and choosing a reputable crating company, you can make sure that your package arrives on time and in good condition.

Content Summary

  • Crating services specialise in creating custom packaging solutions for shipping valuable or fragile items.
  • These services consider an item's dimensions, weight, shape, and fragility when designing crates.
  • Materials such as wood, plywood, and metal are commonly used in the construction of crates.
  • Hiring a professional crating service saves time and hassle, especially for those unfamiliar with shipping logistics.
  • Crating companies offer on-demand services, including packaging, pickup, and shipping.
  • Custom crating services reduce the risk of moisture damage during air or sea transit.
  • Special packaging options like foil bags and vapour barrier packaging are offered for added protection.
  • The foam inside the packing acts as a shock absorber, protecting the item during transport.
  • Expertise in custom crating ensures that crates are specifically tailored to the item being shipped.
  • Custom crates are invaluable for shipping unusual items like sculptures or antiques.
  • Crating companies also provide custom pallets and skids to facilitate easier loading and unloading.
  • Despite the initial costs, custom crating services are cost-effective in the long run.
  • Custom crating can result in lower insurance premiums due to reduced shipping risks.
  • Professional crating services pay meticulous attention to detail, ensuring the highest level of safety for your items.
  • Such services protect against the effects of vibrations, shocks, and changes in temperature and humidity.
  • Crating services can also be hired for on-site packing, saving clients time and risk.
  • If shipping internationally, it's crucial to choose a crating company well-versed in global logistics.
  • Commercial and industrial crating services are available for transporting bulky machinery or equipment.
  • Crating companies that offer ocean container loading are preferable for long-distance shipping.
  • A DUNNAGE stamp from the crating company indicates their expertise in ocean container loading.
  • Some crating companies go beyond shipping to offer secure warehousing and storage options.
  • Climate-controlled facilities protect stored items from extreme temperatures and other environmental risks.
  • Security measures like surveillance and access controls are in place at these storage facilities.
  • When choosing a crating company, it's important to clearly identify your needs beforehand.
  • Crating companies may offer a range of services from transportation to full packing, crating, and delivery.
  • Those on a tight budget might opt for companies that provide reused crates.
  • The material of the crate, be it metal or wood, should be considered based on the items being shipped.
  • When selecting a crating service, it's important to compare prices and reliability across multiple companies.
  • Always enquire about a company's history of punctual deliveries before making a choice.
  • Companies should have experience in handling items similar to what you're shipping.
  • Customisation options should be available for your specific shipping needs.
  • Check for any size restrictions when selecting a crating service.
  • For international shipping, ensure the company complies with ISPM 15 regulations.
  • A 'wheat stamp' is evidence that a company is certified to export wood internationally.
  • Environmentally-conscious consumers should look for crating companies that use sustainable methods.
  • Custom crating offers financial benefits like reduced risk of damage and lower insurance premiums.
  • On-site packing services prevent the risk of items being damaged during transit to the crating facility.
  • Crating services that understand international shipping laws reduce the risk of delays or complications.
  • Warehousing options can be a lifesaver for businesses needing temporary storage before or after shipping.
  • Specialised industrial crating services ensure machinery reaches its destination in top operating condition.
  • Some crating companies offer specialised supports like custom pallets and skids to improve safety.
  • Crating services should offer solutions for protecting your items from moisture, especially during sea or air shipping.
  • Properly engineered custom crates are more likely to withstand the rigours of long-distance shipping.
  • Tailored crating solutions offer the highest level of security and protection for your items.
  • A crating company's expertise extends beyond box building to understanding the unique needs of each item.
  • On-site packing services improve the overall efficiency of the shipping or storage venture.
  • Custom crates are designed to protect high-tech equipment, fragile antiques, and valuable artwork.
  • Crating services that offer international shipping crates are well-versed in customs paperwork and wood packaging requirements.
  • For businesses shipping bulky machinery, industrial and commercial crating services are essential.
  • Always consider the environmental impact and opt for crating services that employ eco-friendly practices.
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