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Family-run business, manufacturing and packing pallets, crates, cases and plywood boxes for local and export markets.

We offer custom timber packaging, on-site Australia-wide packing, machinery transport, and more, all designed to ensure the safe and secure delivery of your valuable goods both locally and globally.

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Your One-Stop Shop for Quality Timber Packaging Delivering Durable Cases, Crates, & Plywood Boxes In Melbourne

Our services include the production of premium quality timber packaging such as crates, cases, plywood boxes, pallets, and machine bases. We also offer on-site packing, export machinery packing, VCI protection, container packing, protective shrink films, machinery packaging solutions, and machinery transport services.

Our expert mobile packing team can travel to your location Australia wide, providing a hassle-free timber packing solution when you need it most. We are committed to ensuring the safe and secure shipment of your products, with a focus on quality, customer service, and fast delivery times.

Here at Crate N Pack Solutions, we manufacture a wide range of wooden cases for safe and secure transport or storage of heavy, fragile or sensitive goods. From fully enclosed cases to open slatted wooden crates. With our timber packaging options, Crate n Pack has you covered!

We offer fast delivery times on wooden crates, including shipping crates, export crates, packing and storage crates for both local and export markets. With our wide range of timber packaging and exceptional customer service, Crate n Pack Solutions is Melbourne's go-to shipping crate supplier. 

We custom make all our plywood boxes from either plywood, timber or a combination of both for both, local & export markets. With our range of optional extras such as branding options, castor wheels, locks, hinges and clasps help make our ply cases the perfect solution to safely transport your goods.


Built for light or heavy loads, our range of pallets include plain pallets, export pallets, custom pallets. For machinery, we have machine base pallets, designed for overweight and oversized shipments. We can design you a wooden pallet to withstand the load you're shipping.

Australia-Wide On-Site Packing We Bring Our Expertise to Your Doorstep

Our expert mobile packing team can travel to your location AUSTRALIA WIDE and provide a hassle-free timber packing solution when you need it most, at your site.

Our on-site packing experts will bring Crate n Pack Solutions trusted expertise & professionalism, directly to your location in order to ensure safe and secure shipment of your products.

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export machinery packing

Export Machinery Packing Ensuring Safe & Secure Shipment of Your Equipment in Our Crates, Cases, & Plywood Boxes

Do you require the secure packing of a machine onto a shipping container? Perhaps you have various machines and parts that need careful loading and containerisation?

At Crate n Pack, we offer expert mobile team services to accommodate on-site or off-site loading requirements to ensure a safe and timely shipment.

VCI Protection Protect Your Assets in Our Cases, Crates, & Plywood Boxes with Our VCI Protection Solutions

At Crate n Pack, we offer VCI (Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor) protection solutions that help prevent rust and corrosion.

Our VCI products create an invisible protective layer that adheres to the surface of your equipment, which inhibits the corroding effects of moisture and contaminants.

Our VCI products are designed to provide long-term protection for your valuable assets.

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flat racked shipping container

Container Packing Comprehensive Container Packing Services for Your Shipping Needs Using Our Cases & Crates

Crate n Pack provides comprehensive machine & shipping container packing services in-house or at your site Australia Wide. We ensure the safe and timely shipment of your valuable equipment and machinery.

Our team of professionals utilises the latest techniques and materials to provide export machine packaging solutions tailored to your specific machine requirements, including packing multiple containers for large-scale international transport

Protective Shrink Films Shield Your Equipment in Our Protective Shrink Films

At Crate n Pack, we provide protective shrink film to safeguard your industrial and commercial equipment during transit.

Our protective shrink films conform tightly to your equipment's contours and are designed to be resistant to moisture, contaminants, and damage.

With tailored solutions available for both small and large-scale equipment, we can help you to save costs and reduce the risk of damage to your valuable assets.

Shrink wrap service, on-site.
machine packaging solutions in wooden shipping crate

Machinery Packaging & Transport We Package Your Machinery In Our Secure Cases, Crates & Timber Boxes

Crate n Pack offers industry-leading machinery packaging solutions to help ensure the safe and secure transport of your valuable machinery.

Our experienced professionals take the time to understand your unique requirements and tailor solutions to meet specific needs of each machine. Using the latest materials and techniques, we provide comprehensive machine packaging solutions that protect machinery from damage during transport.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Timber crates are wooden containers used for packaging and transporting goods. They are commonly used in various industries to safely transport items such as machinery, equipment, and fragile goods.

Timber crates offer several advantages, including durability, strength, and environmental sustainability. They are also customisable and can be designed to fit specific packaging needs.

Yes, timber crates are suitable for international shipping. They are made from sturdy timber and comply with international shipping regulations, ensuring the safe transport of goods overseas.

Timber crates are available in a variety of sizes and types to suit different packaging needs. They can be customised to fit specific dimensions and can vary in design based on the type of goods being transported.

Yes, timber crates used for export must comply with International Standards. This requires the timber to be heat-treated or fumigated to prevent the spread of pests.

To order timber crates in Melbourne, you can contact Crate n Pack Solutions directly. They offer a range of timber packaging products and can provide custom solutions to meet your specific needs.

Yes, timber crates can be reused or recycled. They are a sustainable packaging option, as timber is a renewable resource. Crates that are no longer needed can be recycled or repurposed.

Timber shipping crates offer several advantages, including durability, strength, and ease of handling. They are also cost-effective and can be customised to fit specific shipping requirements.

Yes, timber crates are considered more environmentally friendly than other packaging materials, such as plastic or metal. Timber is a renewable resource, and timber crates can be reused or recycled, reducing waste.

Yes, timber crates can be customised to fit specific shipping requirements. They can be designed to fit specific dimensions, weight limits, and handling requirements, ensuring the safe transport of goods.

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